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Chain slings

Lifting chains are one of the main products of Alioto Group that, since 1974 builds components and accessories for lifting and drilling, lifting devices, traction, towing and mooring. Since Alioto Group has opened its doors, thanks to our constance, to our work and our professionalism, we managed to build up a leader position on both the Italian lifting equipment market and the international one. Alioto Group is able to supply different types of lifting chains, both standard ones and on-size to fit our Client’s needs and requirements. Furthermore, we can offer services and assistance “on site” as assembly and equipment trials, light carpentry and plant design.
Lifting Chains
Lifting Chains

Lifting Chains, also called chain lifting slings, made by Alioto Group can be of various types, according to EN 818-4:

  • Grade 80 alloy Steel Chain Slings
  • Grade 80 alloy Steel Double Lifting Chain Slings
  • Grade 80 alloy Triple or Quadruple Chain Slings
  • Grade 100 alloy Steel Single Short Link Chain Slings
  • Grade 100 alloy Steel Double Short Link Chain Slings
  • Grade 100 alloy Steel Triple or Quadruple Short Link Chain Slings

All of our chain slings have a security coefficient equal to 4:1 and are all compliant to “CE” EN 10204.

Useful advices for using and maintenance of the chain slings:
  • Do not independently make repairs and weldings to the chain slings.
  • Do not use the chain slings with superior loads to the ones that they’re built for.
  • Do not subject the chain slings to thermic treatments.
  • Do not shorten or cut the chains by making knots.
  • Periodically (at least once every 12 months) inspect the chain slings.
  • Replace the chain slings when in the link contact zone the diameter is reduced by more than 10%.
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