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Profilo aziendale
Profilo aziendale
Profilo aziendale

We have been dealing with lifting and drilling components since 1974. Since then, through hard work and perseverance, we have managed to conquer a leading position on national and international markets. Our philosophy is still the same: sensibility to safety issues, attention to technology, and respect for good craftsmanship. The decisive factor to retain such leadership is the consistent achievement of the goals that we have set out for ourselves, over time: consistent research and commitment to product improvement, upgrading and technological improvement of our productive processes and plants, and finally an increasingly efficient, organized, dynamic and varied customer service.
Our corporate development has been further strengthened by the acquisition of prestigious international brands, in particular in the area of special ropes (DIEPA), lifting clamps and steel accessories, while investing our best resources and energies in our Steel Wire Rope and Accident Prevention divisions, which are based at Castelnuovo Magra (La Spezia)..

Alioto Group business is then completed by another two areas which even if recently created can already boast some international customers: inspections and tests on lifting equipment and plants, at third parties’ premises (i.e. ENI and Fincantieri) and above all, supplies for naval and offshore activities (Saipem, Fincantieri, Titan-Micoperi).

Our procedures, all certified in according to ISO 9001/2008 by the Swiss Quality Management Systems SQS and guaranteed by the International Certification Network IQNET are recognized by RINA for the creation of slings eyes with ferulles, the production of cable laid grommets as well regards socketing operations by fusion or by bi-component resin. Our test bench, also recognized by all major classification societies IACS members, is yearly verified and calibrated by accredited calibration laboratory.

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