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Diepa, German technology – High quality special steel wire ropes since 1873

Reliable High Performance

Steel wire ropes are regarded as critical components of a lifting appliance and must be capable of meeting the varied demands that are placed upon them, whether they are related to breaking force, bending strength, abrasion or rotation resistance.

In order to meet these demands, the construction of DIEPA special wire ropes combined with the advanced machinery and methods that are employed to produce them, are the culmination of decades of intensive research and development, resulting in a high degree of in-service rope structural stability.



This means that they are capable of performing under the most demanding of loading conditions. And, of course, the above-average service life brings economic benefits, too. DIEPA special wire ropes are designed and manufactured to afford a higher level of in-service rope safety and reliability, particularly when they are operating in situations where high loading is experienced and/or critical operating conditions prevail.

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