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Holmatro, hydraulic systems for lifting and pulling heavy loads

Alioto Group, always careful to develop and implement its range of quality products for lifting and pulling, has recently acquired the distribution of Holmatro, a Dutch brand that designs and manufactures hydraulics tools, jacks and systems since 1967. High-end products for maintenance, shipbuilding and a wide range of various industrial applications.

Worldwide known as a market leader manufacturer of rescue equipment (such as spreaders, cutters and lifters), Holmatro has chosen Alioto Group to distribute on the Italian market the products of the “Holmatro Industrial Tools” sector, ie all those products that harness the power of high pressure hydraulics to lift, pull or position all sorts of heavy loads. Ranging from small machines to large structures such as ships, bridges and large artifacts.


All Holmatro products are designed and produced in Holland. They are made from the best materials and undergo strict monitoring during all stages of production to guarantee optimal performance and safety.

Mechanical jacks, cylinders and pullers, manual and automatic pumps, lifting bags, wedges, extractors and skidding systems, everything can be managed with the utmost precision to satisfy every need, because power is nothing without adequate control: that’s what “Mastering Power” means!

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