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Lifting Beams – Design and Production

It is where the difficulties are major that the need to provide the best and more suitable solutions for every application is born. Alioto Group, over the last few years, has contributed to train an in-house team of design engineers whose experience allows us to deal and solve any kind of problem related to heavy load lifting.

The close collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, University of Genoa – Marconi University Centre of La Spezia and the continued presence of students and teachers in our Company, have considerably improved the approach in designing and planning of our products, making it more scientific and professional.

In this context, always bringing innovation in the load lifting industry, Alioto Group achieved in the new headquarters of the Company in Castelnuovo Magra, a production workshop equipped with the latest machinery for the manufacturing of carpentry products and tools

  • Lifting Beams (spacers)
  • Lifting Beams for adjustable lifting
  • Lifting Beams for container lifting
  • Lifting Hooks
  • Lifting Brakets


All the equipment are designed in our Company and can be constructed in all shapes and sizes for low payloads up to 200 tons; all the equipment produced in Alioto Group makes lifting flexible, easy and secure and, when a special design is required, our engineering department has the necessary skills and know-how to design the lifting beams and accessories in the sizes and shapes that the particular project requires.

Alioto World Wide is the service that allows all our lifting equipment, including the lifting beams to be available for rental, subject to availability, thus limiting the cost and project investment of our customers.
All Alioto’s equipment are supplied accompanied by booklets containing:

  • project design
  • calculation report
  • Use, maintenance and service manual
  • CE Conformity certificate

Alioto’s welders are qualified and certified according to welding regulations WPS – PQR – WPQ .

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