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Our objective is to supply our customers with a “turnkey” product, including full service and installation. Thereby, for this reason, in the last forty years of experience in the field, we have specialized in the manufacturing and connection of every kinds of lifting accessories. We are therefore able to offer our customers a range of services, as for instance, from ropes assembly to on-site connection of cast head sockets, from design and manufacturing of lifting scales to non-destructive testing and analysis of equipment.
We employ qualified personnel, trained and qualified by the major Classification Societies, prepared to intervene even in extreme conditions to provide their expertise and professionalism.


  • Shipbuilding
  • Ship repair & offshore
  • Piping for new constructions and maintenance
  • Our welders are certified by RINA and by other class certification societies
Alioto service


Inspection & Maintenance

Maintenance and control of lifting machinery are crucial in facing the problem of safety at work. This has become more and more relevant in line with the cultural growth of companies and executives and with the aims of laws and regulations issued by the european community and by the italian state.

Whether your business activity be industrial or civil, shipbuilding or steel plants, or if you operate in housing or any other branch, you can entrust this critical process to experienced lifting companies and their qualified technicians. This is the ideal choice to meet legal obligations and to handle your commitments.

Our task is to protect and preserve, through a relationship characterized by extreme transparency and timeliness, the safety of your operators, providing an easy and immediate identification of the equipment which we previously subjected to verification and control.

The current regulatory references, all deriving from D. Lgs. 09 april 2008 n. 81 concerning Safety in Working Environment and particularly from Attachment VI Paragraph 3 Subsection 3.1.2., verbatim:

“Ropes and chains (of equipment for lifting loads…) must be subject to quarterly inspections in the absence of specific instructions from the manufacturer” and under Paragraph 71 – Obligations of the employer – Subsection 9 “ The results of controls (…) must be reported in writing and, at least those for the last three years, must be preserved and made available to the supervisory authorities”.

Servizi prestati

Planned verification of machines and lifting equipment

  • Equipments inventory;
  • Visual and dimensional controls;
  • Non-destructive controls:
    Penetrating liquids;
    Magnetoscopic tests;
    Tensile tests on a calibrated test bench with capability of 1650 kN;
  • Destructive controls:
    Break-point tests on samples in order to define mechanical characteristics.
  • Certification and/or Testing of materials witnessed by IACS Classification Societies
  • Installation and replacement of steel wire ropes for lifting machinery
  • Training courses for workers operating in lifting activities, lashing and lifting methods and related regulations
  • Design and manufacture of lifting machinery such as Lifting Beams, Spreaders, Special Hooks for Coils, and more…
  • Assessment, design and installation of lifelines
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