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Lifting slings

Steel lifting slings are one of Alioto’s Group valued and sought-after products that we produce with the same professionalism and competence since we started our activity. Since 1974 we are the leaders in lifting accessories, steel wire ropes and lifting slings production for big structures as ships and offshore platforms for standard projects and on-size ones following the requirements of our clients, carefully designed by our professional technicians. Our catalogues presenting the lifting slings include the guidelines for the use, technical details and performance of Alioto’s lifting slings.

Alioto Group produces two different types of lifting slings:

1. Steel Wire Rope Slings
2. Polyester Slings

Lifting Slings
Lifting Slings
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Steel Wire Rope Slings

Alioto’s Steel Wire Rope Slings are made of stainless greased steel, galvanized steel or galvanized greased steel and can have either fiber core or a metallic one. All the detailed technical aspects are found in our lifting slings catalogue. The terminations of our steel lifting slings are: soft eyes or thimble, redance or hooks. All the wire rope lifting slings are supplied on size on our Clients measurements and are destined for the use of oil or perforation companies, offshore companies, naval ones, naval construction sites, naval authority companies etc.

Advices for the best use of Alioto’s steel wire slings:

  • Make sure that the load is balanced and it does not contain free parts.
  • Make sure that the lifting sling is not tangled underneath the load.
  • The load, once lifted, does not have to be left unguarded.
  • Do not drag or trail the load on the pavement.
  • Please avoid to espose the lifting slings to liquids, decay, solid substances or corrosive gasses.
  • The wire rope lifting slings were projected and created to guarantee their whole mechanical properties in a temperature range between -40°C = +100°C so if there is the need to use the lifting slings on higher temperatures, please see the downgrading table.
  • More advices on the correct use and technical aspects of our lifting slings can be found in our catalogue.

Polyester Slings

Alioto’s polyester lifting slings are created employing high quality artificial fibers that offer great versatility of use and high security guarantees. Polyester lifting slings that Alioto Group produces can be of various types, all of them according to EN 1492-1 standards:

  • Single layer high tenacity polyester sling with reinforced flat eyes.
  • White single layer high tenacity polyester sling with reinforced flat eyes.
  • High tenacity polyester round sling with jacket.
  • Single or multiple legs polyester round sling.

Advices for a correct use and maintenance of polyester lifting slings:

  • Do not make repairs to the polyester lifting slings.
  • Protect the lifting sling from cutting edges or corners.
  • Do not pull out the lifting sling while the load is stil laying on it.
  • Do not shorten the lifting slings by making knots.
  • Examine the state of the lifting slings before every use.
  • Substitute the lifting slings when they have had alterations after being exposed to direct sunlight, UV rays or heat.
  • Periodically (at east once every 12 months) please make sure an exam is made by competent personnel.
  • More advices on the correct use and technical aspects of our lifting slings can be found in our catalogue.

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